Saturday, August 25, 2012

Our typical Saturday of meeting with the AIT students was not up to it usual standards. We went to meet with a young man who we hadn't seen for a while and he wouldn't come down to see us. Then we went to meet with another young man and he was gone. We then needed to go to the church house for a baptism, which was very nice. Elder Gowans had been asked to give the opening prayer.

During the afternoon we met with one of our families; he is an AIT student; his wife and children moved out about 3 weeks ago to be with dad. We had a nice visit with them. He still hasn't received permission to live off post with his family. Someone is dragging their feet. He is able to spend the weekends with them.

This evening we visited with two more families. The first was a single sister who is in the Navy. We met her for dinner and had a real nice visit. She is a convert to the church of about two years. Her family lives in Arizona, so she lives pretty much across country. The second family consists of mom, dad, and 3 children. She is also a convert, he has been a member all of his life. He will soon be returning to language school to learn a new language with the instructions that once complete (approximately 1 1/2 years), he will be put on some sort of team where he will be deployed quite frequently. The family will remain here in Augusta while he goes. They will not see him much while he is in school, maybe 1 time, unless they travel out there to see him. Then when he is completed and joins the team, I mentioned, he will be stationed in Maryland, and the family will continue to live here in Augusta. So they may see him a little more often, but it may still continue to be rarely. We will be meeting with them often to assist and serve as needed.

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