Friday, August 31, 2012

This has been an incredible day, it began at 2:30 this morning. We received a very frantic phone call from a wonderful young man who had just received a text message from a mutual friend of ours saying she had given up hope and just swallowed a bottle full of her prescription sleeping pills. He has no transportation, he literally walks wherever he goes, so we told him we would be at his place on post in 20 minutes. Less than 20 minutes later we pulled up in front of his barracks, he hopped in and off we dashed to find her. She had told our young friend that she had left her husband and had checked into the Holiday Inn, so we headed  there as quickly as we could, which wasn't too fast since the speed limit around most of the Post is 25 mph. In about 7 or 8 minutes we pulled into the Holiday Inn; he jumped out and ran into the hotel to get security to open her door for us, Sister Gowans went with him and Elder Gowans parked the car. We all dashed to her room and security opened the door. Despite all her stuff being there, she was not. Our friend found an empty pill bottle, so we knew that she had done what she said she had done. We immediately began looking around the hotel grounds. Not a minute later we hear our friend call out that he had found her unconscious in the parking lot. He and Elder Gowans stood her up on her feet and tried to get her to react to them. She reacted only slightly. Meanwhile, security called the police and they were on the scene within a minute or two. Shortly thereafter an ambulance arrived. They proceeded to act in a very professional manner and soon had her on a stretcher and got her in the ambulance. Meanwhile, our friend had finally got her husband out of bed and on the phone. After the ambulance left we went back to the Post and picked him up at his house and we all drove up to Doctor's Hospital.We waited there for nearly three hours while the professional staff there worked on her. After she was finally taken to ICU and was in a somewhat stable condition, we took her husband back to the hotel so he could collect her stuff. We said our goodbyes at that point and we went back to the apartment. It was around 7 am; at this point, we took a short nap before we got our breakfast and headed to Sister Gowans' appointment with the Endodontist. Her appointment lasted about 2 hours; the root canal was accomplished after some difficulty in getting her numbed up properly. From there we did some shopping and then we went home. By now it was around noon. We decided that we had better go up to the Post Hospital to have a problem area looked at on her backside. After we got  all checked in, we ended up waiting nearly 2 hours for a doctor. It seems that while we waited they had 4 ambulances come in with medical emergencies. We finally left the hospital around 5:20 pm. We dashed home to prepare dinner for Institute class. Sister Gowans cooked up the taco meat and Elder Gowans changed into his good clothes and cut up the vegetables. Sister Gowans stayed home for the evening while Elder Gowans took care of Institute. He picked up the missionaries on the way and then, they, together, picked up two AIT students. Elder Gowans finally got home around 9:45 pm. We have not had any news on our young female friend, who just about did herself in.

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