Wednesday, August 29, 2012

This morning we drove up to Irmo, SC for transfer meeting. This is where all the missionaries gather who are being transferred to a new area and who are receiving new companions. We first hear a short testimony from the new missionaries who have just arrived in the mission, then a testimony from those missionaries who are going home. Afterward, President Holm will then announce via a power point presentation all the changes. He will announce by Zone and then by district and then by area.Once this is completed every one transfers all their baggage, bikes and so forth from the vehicle that brought them up to the new vehicle that will take them back. We went up mostly to have our temple recommends renewed, however, we did enjoy the meeting particularly since we received 3 new missionaries in our area.

This evening we had one appointment, but since it was later, we decided to drop in on a couple of families. The first was one of the first families that we met. They had a baby girl at the time that was only a week or so old; now the baby is 3 months old. Next, we dropped in on a family whose wife was expecting twins. The husband came to the door and was obviously very anxious about something. He told us that at his wife's routine exam it was discovered that she was 3 centimeters dilated. Of course we were shocked to hear this. He was on his way to the hospital; we told him to please keep us informed, we have not heard anything yet. We will keep them in our prayers.

We then had a nice visit with a new family that had moved into the ward about 4 weeks ago. They have one baby boy, a very cute little guy. Our visit with them was very enjoyable. We hope that we can develop in these families enough confidence and trust where they would call upon us if they need anything.

On the way home we stopped in to see a family whose husband is TDY. They were baking cookies for a drive up to see him tomorrow. He visited briefly and wished them well and then left. They were appreciative of our brief visit.

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