Tuesday, February 5, 2013

This afternoon, we had the opportunity to resume our service to Sister Arnett in  helping her continue to lay flooring; this time we worked in the kitchen. She is putting down a type of tile that we have never worked with. It has an overlapping sticky edges along the sides. So as you go along it all sticks together around the edges. We began behind the refrigerator and along the counters and behind the stove, so it took a better part of two hours to get that accomplished. Once we got by there we moved along quite rapidly. We left a little after 5 pm to get dinner and so Elder Gowans could go play some basketball with the youth and men of the ward.

We had a great time playing a little ball. We divided into four teams with mixture of men and boys. Elder Gowans was one of the team captains having made a free throw shot. He selected one other adult and two boys. We played in the first round and won our game; we played in the second round and won that game. We ended up wining all our games. We made the rule prior to the first game that no one could shoot the ball until everyone on the team had touched the ball once. For the most part we stuck to that rule, the only time we didn't was on a fast break. This way, the two boys had an opportunity to be apart of the action.

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