Saturday, February 16, 2013

Today felt like a freezing cold Utah day! This morning the wind was cold and the rain made it all the worse. However, we braved it and went out to meet and find our new soldiers. And find them we did. We were able to meet and greet 3 new soldiers whom we had not as yet met. We look forward to getting to know them better.

This afternoon we attended Stake Priesthood Leadership Meeting. We introduced ourselves to the entire body of Priesthood, told them a little about ourselves and our mission and then asked them to give us a point of contact in their wards with whom we can communicate with and stay up to date on all the military families in their units. This will really be helpful to us! Hopefully we will hear from everyone in the next week or two.

This evening we attended the adult session of stake conference, it was very well attended;  everyone's messages were enlightening, bold and filled with the Spirit! President Squires spoke of becoming a Zion people and what we needed to do to achieve it. 1. Keep the Sabbath Day Holy, 2. Pay an honest tithe, 3. Pay a generous fast offering, 4. Attend the temple often.

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