Monday, February 25, 2013

Today was a very typical Monday. We started off the day at the Hospital doing our Red Cross service. We learned that one of the Red Cross Volunteers in the office is moving to Alaska soon. She simply decided to take a dare, put some excitement in her life, so off she will go. She has no job, no place to live, knows no one there; what an adventure. We wish her the best.

This afternoon, Elder Gowans worked on Friday's institute lesson, it will cover Section 20, the organization of the Church. It should be quite an interesting lesson; we look forward to it.

We then attended Family Home Evening. We had a good turn out. We have two students who try to attend everything they can. It is fun to have them around. Brother Palmer is a life long member, but had never received the priesthood, he has been working on that for the past two  months and will most likely be ordained on Sunday. He is very excited and even more excited about going to the Temple with us next month.

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