Sunday, February 3, 2013

This evening after our Branch services ended, we took the young missionaries with us to teach a young 8 year old girl who has desired baptism. Her mother is a convert to the church and her dad is not a member. We taught her with mom present. She certainly has a lot of spunk and she knows what she wants. We taught her about God and Jesus Christ, we reviewed the 10 commandments with her and challenged her to work on those things she knows she needs to work on.

Afterwards, we went to visit a new family on post; we found them by accident a few days ago when we dropped in on a member family; they told us about the new family who lived right next door. We had heard about them, but did not know where they lived.

Next we went to visit a cute young family who will be leaving for Germany tomorrow. We first met him when he was an AIT student and had come to our group services. Later, his wife and two children came out to join him, so we have known them nearly the entire time that we have been here.

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