Thursday, February 28, 2013

This evening we went back out to visit the Gonzales family to see how they are doing, and to read with them from the Book of Mormon and to introduce to them the Plan of Salvation. We began the evening by reading from the Title Page and then from the 1st chapter of 1 Nephi. We discussed several of the verses in depth and then read the entire chapter. At the conclusion, we committed them to continue reading on their own, hopefully they will do so. At that point, we told them that the next time we come over we will discuss with them the 3 great questions of life: Where did I come from, did I live before I came to this earth? 2. What is my purpose here on earth. 3. What will happen after I die, is that the end? Hopefully, they will think about and ponder upon these questions.

Afterward, we went to see sister Budge, however, we did not find her at home. So we went down to see Sister Mitton and find out how she is doing. We had a nice visit with her, then gave her a blessing and off we went.

Elder Gowans then treated Sister Gowans to Tutti-Frutti.

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