Monday, February 4, 2013

This evening as we were about to drive off Post, we received a text message from one of our AIT students, it was a plea for help. We were right behind the Esteps and so we honked the horn and signaled a right turn. President Estep caught my signal and turned into a near by parking lot. We rolled down our windows and asked if they would follow us over and help give a blessing. We began to think, "Okay, which company is Brother Hart in?" Then it came very clearly, E-551st. We drove back near the Friendship Chapel, parked and President Estep and I got out and walked into the CQ's office. Brother Hart was right there; he asked for us to wait a minute, he walked into their day room, I believe to see if he could use it privately, but there was probably soldiers in there using it. So we walked outside and sat on a picnic bench and talked for about 20 minutes. He told us how everything in his life was crumbling down, so over the period of time we talked and counseled, he talked and expressed his desires, his weaknesses and so forth. We ended up giving him a blessing and then departed. We love these young men and women, if only they would have the courage to live right in the first place it would help them avoid all the peer pressures and trust in God.

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