Wednesday, February 6, 2013

This morning we returned to Sister Arnett's home to continue laying tile in the kitchen. In 3 hours we moved from being 1/4 done to being nearly complete. We laid tile all the way to the opposite wall save a small strip, which would have been too time consuming for us as we had a 1215 appointment on post. We will return one last time to help her finish up.

We home taught Kayla Westbrook this afternoon, she was the young lady that joined the church last November, she is doing great; we love her very much.

Then we headed over to the first of two graduation ceremonies. The first one was for the 73rd Ordinance BTL. Brother Manning graduated today. We didn't see him at church a lot, he always said that he was given duty on Sunday afternoons.
This is Brother Manning, from Boise, ID.
The second graduation was for Sister Lane and Brother Evans. We will miss these good soldiers and wish them all the best in the future.

 We always have to tell these guys that it is okay to smile!
When we arrived at the second graduation, we saw there a family who we had met recently and wondered why she was there, she said she was related to Sister Lane.
Sister Voyles, her husband is deployed with the Navy. We keep waiting for her to call us so we can help her paint.
This evening, we visited Brother Deroung and the Allen family. We read with Brother Deroung from the Book of Mormon and had a nice visit with the Allens. We learned that their home is right on the border between Grovetown and Harlem wards, so they have been attending the Harlem ward.

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