Saturday, February 9, 2013

This morning we were up early and off to the Post to pick up 2 soldiers and take them to the Temple. We took with us Brother Child and Brother Palmer. We hope to have several more next month. Sometimes that soldiers are not ready to go, sometimes they can't get permission; it is often a contest of getting everyone on the right page at the right time. We had a great time with these two fine young men.
 Brother Palmer, Elder Gowans and Brother Child

After returning from the Temple, we dashed around the area to see if we could find 4 new students; we found where two will be billeted and met one other new young lady and found out where the fourth will live also. We will be actively trying to meet them over the next few days.

At that point, we went to the church for our weekly missionary correlation meeting. That lasted about 30 minutes and from there we went back to the apartment building to pick up Elder and Sister Berry and take them to Edgefield for dinner and a theater performance by the local theater group. It was Neil Simon's Odd Couple, the Female version. It was well done and full of good laughs. We had a good time together, now back to work.
The tiny theater in Edgefield, holds about 60  people. As you can see the stage is to the right.

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