Wednesday, September 18, 2013

After our service at the Post Library this morning, we went and picked up Elder Gowans' dry cleaning and then we went out to the housing area to drop in on a sister who just arrived from Utah to be with her husband while he is here in AIT. She seemed very kind; we invited her to the church social on Saturday night and to church with us in the Augusta ward on Sunday; hopefully she will come out. We will make a list up for her of the other LDS families in the area for her to meet.

This afternoon, we attended the graduation of four of our AIT students; however, we were only able to get photos of 3 of them. Saturday morning we should be able to get a photo of the fourth.

This evening we went out to meet a new military family in the Harlem ward and after getting there we found out they weren't military. Our Harlem POC thought they were because Brother Walter's hair is cut military style. Oh well, we still had a nice visit with them. From there we went to visit the Halford's to pay our  monthly visit with them. We had a nice visit; we discussed the topic of adversity and opposition in our lives.

 Brother Padron
 Sister Cheney and the kids
 Brother Power

 The entire Cheney family

Brother Cheney
With this video, We should now have posted, all the songs the graduates sing at the conclusion of the ceremony. 

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