Sunday, September 15, 2013

This morning we all met at the Friendship Chapel at 0900, loaded up our AIT students, and off we went to the Stake Center. After arriving at the Stake Center, we had the opportunity to introduce our students to President Squires, our Stake President, Elder Bruth, our Area Authority Seventy, President and Sister Cottle, our mission president and a few others. We had wonderful speakers, we hope that our students left the meeting inspired and spiritually rejuvenated.

After conference, we came home, ate lunch and Elder Gowans began making phone calls to arrange appointments with new military members in the area. He couldn't get anyone to answer their phone.

We decided to go back up to post and find and meet 3 new soldiers who had just arrived at Fort Gordon. We went to find the first fellow, but he was not in his room. We started back to the car when we saw a young man carrying his gear towards the building we just left. Elder Gowans began walking towards him to see his name tag to see if he was the fellow we were looking for; sure enough it was. He was a rather short, small fellow, but we talked as we walked back towards his building. We left him with all the information we could and told him we looked forward to seeing him in the future. From there, we went over to the 73rd. We have two more fellows over there in what we now term, "The Black Hole". It seems our LDS soldiers get assigned there and never get out until it is time to graduate. We met one fellow, but not the first that we hoped to find. We will have to look for him another day.

From there we went to visit a few more families. We were able to visit with Sister Janssen for a few minutes; from there we went to see the Johnsons. She had just returned from the ER; she had a kidney infection. We administered to her and then left. We also went up to visit the Cheneys and see the new baby. They will be leaving this week; we will miss them.

It has been another wonderful day; by the way after returning for the evening, we were able to find some of the families at home whom we had called earlier and was able to fill our week with appointments.

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