Monday, September 2, 2013

This morning we drove with Elder and Sister Meacham over to Aiken for their Labor Day BBQ festival. Last year we went over with the Berrys and just happened to learn about the BBQ festival while there and was able to get in on the end of it. This year we made it on time and was able to sample a lot of the different styles of BBQ and what was even tastier was the baked beans. There was some really tasty and creative recipes. They had a smaller collection of vintage cars on display this year over last year, but they still had some real beauties on display.
 Elder and Sister Meacham
 The Cobra
 A Belair

 A 1977 Jeep

Another Cobra
This evening we enjoyed a small and quiet FHE, the Cheney girls weren't there today. So it was just us the Esteps and Kayla. After FHE, we went to the Meacham's apartment to give Elder Meacham a blessing. He was diagnosed with prostate cancer last week and tomorrow he goes in for tests to see if the cancer is contained in prostate or if it has spread. He was promised in the blessing that he would be healed and would yet live to be a blessing to his children, grandchildren and great grandchildren. 

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