Thursday, September 5, 2013

We have had quite an interesting day. Late morning we received a phone call from Brother Cheney, whose wife had just delivered a baby yesterday. The doctors determined that Sister Cheney was to stay in the hospital one additional day, which threw a monkey wrench into their carefully made plans. They had two sisters lined up to babysit just in case something like this happened. Brother Cheney stated what was happening and that he was supposed to take a final exam today in preparation for his graduation, but with his wife staying an extra day in the hospital he called upon the sisters lined up to help, but both of them had other family issues that prevented them from assisting. So now he was stuck. If stayed home with the kids and didn't test, then he would be held over until the next class came through, which would delay their departure for at least two weeks. He stated that he knew we couldn't babysit, but he didn't know who else to call. Also, even if he could find a baby sitter, he couldn't drive up to class as that is against the rules for AIT students to drive. After thinking about it for a moment, we proposed that we come and pick him up with his kids, take them all to the post, drop him off at his company and then we would take the children out to the park and let them play until he was done, which he said would be about 1 1/2 hours. That way, we would not be alone with the children and violate our no baby sitting rules, yet at the same time assist him in getting to his final exam.

After an hour and a half went by, we took the children to Burger King for ice cream, then we took them back toward dad's company, as he was over due in hearing from him, we thought we would head that way just in case he was heading that way too. Well, to make a long story short, when he arrived at his testing location, the Sargent on location told Brother Cheney since he was later than everyone else and since he knew that Brother Cheney knew his stuff, he would just sign him off. Of course Brother Cheney was surprised, so he asked the Sargent, "Don't you even want to ask me some questions?" The Sargent did so and then they finished up. Now this sounds all well and fine, but now the problem arises. No one would come and pick up Brother Cheney from the testing location. When he first arrived at his company, the Sargent there accused him of driving up on his own; he of course stated that he didn't, but that some friends brought him up. Either they didn't believe him or they decided to punish him for his ingenuity; whatever it was he was stuck. He called us from a borrowed phone and explained what was happening. We then waiting at his  company went in and talked to the Platoon Sargent and asked if we could have permission to go pick him up. We were denied, but then she said she would make a call to see if they could send someone over to pick him up. Well, that didn't work either. Finally, as it was nearing 4:30 in the afternoon, he comes in the company van. He had been waiting at the testing location for over 3 hours for a ride back and no one in his Cadre would come and get him, which of course made us and his children wait all that time too. What fine set of Army values drives that team? We were so happy to be able to help out; help him get to where he needed to be for his test; see to it that his children were taken care of and so forth, but dealing with some of these people is a very sad thing.

This evening, after a quick bite to eat, we met Bishop Burgess at Burger King and went and visited 3 of our families who live on Post. We visited Sister Dixon and her son Jack, who were just baptized last week. We had a nice visit with them. Then we crossed the street and visited Brother Campbell and his 3 children. From there we went to see the Hicken family. We had a nice evening and hope and pray that our visits, especially with the Bishop will be meaningful.

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