Friday, September 27, 2013

This morning we attended the homecoming of the 67th EBS (Expeditionary Battalion) as we had several soldiers in Battalion who returned home from deployment. Brothers Alberts, Adamson, Bennett and then we had Brother Janssen come whom whose wife joined the church during his deployment; so we were able to meet him.

Afterwards, we took the car in for some routine maintenance. Speaking of the car, it turned over to 50,000 miles today. Elder Gowans was there for over 2 hours while it was being worked on. He got a lot of reading done in the Book of Mormon challenge given to us by President Cottle, in the Ensign magazine and was able to review the Institute lesson a couple of times.

After the car was finished, Elder Gowans picked up Sister Gowans, who had been doing the laundry and we drove up to post to teach a new member lesson to Sister Dixon and her son Jake. We studied the Plan of Salvation today.

Afterwards, we picked up some AIT students and drove to the chapel for our institute class.Today we studied the role of Chastisement and the Temple in our striving to become a Zion people.

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