Tuesday, September 24, 2013

At one time today, we had a full agenda for this evening; however, a little chest cold put an end to that. Sister Dixon's son, Jack stayed home from school this morning, so she called us and postponed the appointment until Friday; we will see them Friday just before institute. We had a good Branch Presidency meeting; good plans were made for our mass outing on Saturday morning to go visit the AIT students.

Earlier this afternoon, we dropped off a magazine article from the Ensign to Sister Janssen; it is official her husband will arrive home Friday morning. She has been very worried over it, she really doesn't want him in the house, he has been so unfaithful to her during the year he has been gone.The article we left with her is titled Christ-like Mercy. We invited her to read it, but we before we left we did talk to her about some of the important points in it. One was that although Christ was betrayed by Judas, He didn't allow the betrayal to influence the way he would act, rather he showed mercy to Judas by the way He treated him although at the same time not condoning or excusing his actions against Him. We invited her to do the same with her husband. Do not do or say anything that would cause anger, or an all out fight, but rather show mercy through her actions while not excusing his terrible behavior. We taught her that she can choose how she will act; she can choose happiness or allow the circumstances to make her bitter. We invited her to choose happiness.

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