Saturday, September 7, 2013

Elders Phillips and Hatch, our District Leaders, came by this evening after we returned home for the evening and after visiting for a while asked us to share a miracle that has occurred in our ministry this week with the rest of the District on Tuesday in our District Development Meeting. So, we may share with them what happened to us this morning as we were meeting and visiting our AIT students.

We were finally able to find Brother Mortimer this morning. We had received his name, but we had no other information about him that would identify where he was located, even his phone number didn't work. We finally narrowed it down to the 447th BTN. So we thought we'd start with C company. One of the Platoon Sargents said he was in his company, but he couldn't tell us for sure which building he was in. So after walking back and forth between buildings, we finally located him, but he was at breakfast. We also learned that he would be returning soon only to go to a financial briefing. So we waited for him and finally he came. We had about 1 minute with him, before he left. From there we went to locate one more new fellow. We found him in the same company as Brother Mardanlou; Brother Mardanlou just so happened to be at the company door sweeping out the entry way. We spoke with him and told him we were looking for a new fellow, Brother Amidan, he had just arrived. As we were talking he shows up there at the door and says I hear you are looking for me. At the same time another fellow who is at the door just starts hanging there and listening.We start talking with him and then we ask him if he is a member of the church too. He says he is not, but that he wants to learn more and then we find out that there had been members of the church in his family, back in his grandfather's generation. We invite the three of them to come together, Brothers Mardanlou, Amidan and Beach. We hope the three of them will come out together and that we will be able to start teaching Brother Beach tomorrow.

This afternoon, we visited the Anderson family. They are an older family with a 14 year old daughter, their youngest is 1 year old. Most of the families we visit are very young families, it is nice to run into some who are older. After our visit with them, we drove around to look for other families who we have no telephone number for, but an address. We had one successful visit among that group.

We invited David and Joann White to dinner with us at Cheddars. We met a 6 pm and had a delightful visit and dinner with them. We served with him in the Library prior to his retirement. We have tried to maintain a friendship since then. We gave them a copy of the Book of Mormon a while back and hope that at some point in time we will be able to teach them about it.

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