Wednesday, September 4, 2013

This afternoon, Elder Gowans took 2 of our missionaries to visit a few people. One of them was a man and his wife where we hoped to have a lesson. The lesson began with a discussion on priesthood authority, but it soon had a large shift and we ended up simply challenging him to read and pray about the Book of Mormon. Elder Gowans challenged him to listen to the Elders and then pray to Heavenly Father and ask if what they have taught is true.

This evening we had a nice visit with Brother Derouen; he is trying to learn what the army is going to do with him. Some time ago he lost his security clearance (before joining the church), and thus far the army hasn't restored it yet. So he doesn't know what his future is going to be. He has been waiting for some time. From there we went to say hi to the Brenay family, but they weren't home, then we went by Brother DeLong's place, but he wasn't home, so then we drove out to see the Norris family and found them home and ended up having a nice visit with them.

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