Monday, September 23, 2013

Sister Gowans went through her procedure just fine this morning. After we returned home and ate some lunch, she rested for a couple of hours and then we went out and visited 3 families. Our first stop was the Murray family. We  found them all to be in good spirits and in good health. Little Sarah is rapidly losing her hearing, we hope that the Doctors will be able to do something that will keep her from going completely deaf. Little Timothy has also suffered more seizures, gets good caught in his wind pipe and so forth; they struggle so much; it is amazing that Sister Murray is able to keep her sanity about her; what an admirable lady.

Our next visit was to the Parris family. We had learned of them from Sister Fordham. She is a member of the church, he is not. We did not have a phone number for them, but wanted to meet them, so we simply dropped in on them. We found them all at home. We talked at the door for a few minutes, exchanged phone numbers and then said our goodbyes.

From there we went to visit Brother Woodley for a few minutes. He is doing very well. When we first met him, way back in June or July of last year, we met a man who was really struggling. Today he has completely changed. He had been excommunicated from the church and was struggling to get back. We invited him to come back and offered him all the help we could give him. We often picked him up for church or institute, took him shopping and so forth. He has since been baptized back into the church and we learned that he recently had all his blessings restored to him; that would include priesthood and temple blessings. We are so happy for him.

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