Monday, November 11, 2013

On any typical Monday, we would have gone to the Post Hospital this morning and worked our Red Cross volunteer jobs, during the afternoon Elder Gowans would have worked out the first draft of Friday's institute lesson. However, being Veteran's Day, we changed things up quite a bit. This morning Elder Gowans worked Friday's institute lesson and got the outline all worked out. Then we drove out to Evans and picked up a 15 Pax van so we could take our student/soldiers out for lunch. We drove back to post and ended up filling the van to near capacity; we hauled 10 young men and women to O'Charleys for a yummy free meal. It really turned out nice. We spent about 3 hours together.

After lunch, we returned the van and then headed back to the apartment for about 15 minutes. We decided we had better head out to the Olive Garden where we were to meet up with Ryan Baum so we could say our farewells to him. We arrived at the Olive Garden at 1720 and got in line for a table. We were told that it would be a 45 minute wait, not too bad. We texted Ryan and told him we should be seated right around 1800, our meeting time. Ryan should up a little before 1800 and about 10 minutes later we were called to our table. We had a real nice dinner and visit together. We wish Ryan all the best and especially, we hope he finds a fantastic young lady to be his wife.

It has been a wonderful day!
 A photo of most of the student/soldiers we went to lunch with. 
Dinner with Ryan

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