Sunday, November 24, 2013

We have had a very fine day! This morning, early, we attended the Augusta Ward Mission Correlation Meeting. We had a good meeting with the Ward Council. Afterward, we headed home for about a half hour, then we headed up to North Augusta where we were invited to speak in Sacrament Meeting. Brother Dunagan, who invited us to speak complemented Sister Gowans on her growth since the last time we spoke. He could really tell that she has grown in her confidence and spiritual sensitivity. Elder Gowans has noticed the same over the past 18 months since we've been serving. We spoke on the subject of Stewardship and Gratitude. We tied the two topics together using the principle that a grateful person will be a good steward over his/her earthly blessings and heavenly gifts. And that a good steward will be marked by the attribute of gratefulness.

After our meetings in North Augusta, we headed home for lunch and then headed off to Post for our Branch meetings. We had another wonderful turnout of our young soldiers. We even had one come out who has never come in the past. He seemed genuinely happy to be in his meetings. He has been in AIT for quite sometime and this was his first time out. It was wonderful to see him.

After our meetings we took some time to meet with the Esteps. We had some coordinating to do, so we took care of that. Then we decided to go try and meet one more new fellow, who we missed yesterday. We went to his company, had him paged, but he was not in his room. Since their next formation was only 30 minutes away, we decided to wait. Elder Gowans decided to wait outside the car and watch the young men as they walked by and read their name tags to see if he could find Brother Tolbert. Two young men walked by in the PT uniforms, he asked them if either new Private Tolbert; one looked rather awkward and said, "That's me". Elder Gowans introduced himself and for the next 5 minutes or so, we had a nice visit. He was just telling him who his LDS battle buddies were, when out walked Brother Rafn. Obviously inspired to come out when he did. Elder Gowans introduced them to each other and then said his goodbyes and left with Sister Gowans to go home for the night.

The Fordham family has once again opened their home to the AIT students. We have been collecting the names of those who would like to come. Up to this point, we have 21 soldiers signed up to come out. We expect there to be some who will drop out, but that will be a great turnout if they all come. We will borrow the same 15 pax van to transport them all that we borrowed on Veteran's day.

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