Wednesday, November 27, 2013

This has been a very busy! This morning, we arose at 6 am and quickly readied ourselves for an 8 am graduation ceremony for Brother Zenger who was graduating from BOLC (Basic Officer's Leadership Course). Brother and Sister Zenger have been a valuable resource to our missionaries here in the Augusta Ward. They have had people over to their home where the missionaries were able to teach them; they have gone out with the missionaries to help teach and many other things to assist the missionary effort.

Brother and Sister Zenger
After the graduation, we headed over to the library to take care of our weekly service there. Maurice, who volunteers there everyday had some things for us to help with. He was taking down the Autumn decorations and putting up winter and Christmas decor. So we helped him put up the decorations. We  had some time to do a few more odds and ends before we had to leave to attend a service provided by the Post Chaplains. It was called Thanks Living. The service began at noon and lasted until 1 pm with a light lunch served afterwards. We assisted them in getting things all cleaned up. After the cleaning, we drove out to Evans to pick up the Brosnahan's 15 Pax van so we could use it tomorrow to shuttle troops out to the Fordham's for our Thanksgiving dinner. By the time we returned with the van, it was time to attend another graduation, Brother Oyston graduated today from AIT. He is the one who has been playing the piano in our Branch services; actually it is a very versatile piano, he can make it play like an organ. So for the past few months, when he has been able to attend church, we have had organ music; it is very beautiful. We will certainly miss Brother Oyston. 

Brother Oyston
After Brother Oyston's graduation, we went back to the chapel and loaded four tables and 20 chairs to take to the Fordham's for tomorrow's Thanksgiving feast. We took everything down in the van and then returned to post, picked up the car and drove home where we had a light dinner with our Augusta Bike Elders and then drove back to post to visit the Sanders and take them some Death by Chocolate Peanut Butter Pie. Sister Sanders was out with her mom, so we had a fun visit with KC and Leyna. Leyna should us photo albums of her "whole" life, all 8 years of it! We have had a wonderful day. Happy Thanksgiving everyone!

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