Thursday, November 28, 2013

We have had a wonderful Thanksgiving day, we hope you have too. We made arrangements to take several of our AIT student/soldiers to a thanksgiving dinner off post at the Fordham residence. They open their home up every year to any soldier who wants to come. We put the word out to all our LDS students and invited them to come. We had 21 signed up to go, but only 9 actually made it. We had arranged to use the Brosnahan's 15 PAX van to transport them all, so we nearly filled it up.

So this morning, Elder Gowans played football with about 30 other young men out at the Grovetown Middle School. We played for about 2 1/2  hours. After that we made the Sweet Potato Cassarole and once it was done, we packed up the car with the pies, the Cassarole and what ever else we would need and headed over to the Fordham's. We dropped off the food and headed up to post to load up the soldiers. We then brought them back to the Fordham's We were there a little over 2 hours and everyone seemed to have an enjoyable time. There was a lot of good food and a lot of people having a fun time together. Once we were done, we took the soldiers back home, returned to the Fordham's picked up all the tables and chairs we took to them yesterday and then took them all up to post, returned them to the chapel and then took the van back to the Brosnahan's and then headed home, whew! What a day! The important thing was that the soldiers had the opportunity to have an enjoyable and memorable Thanksgiving day.
 Sister Fordham on the left
 Part of the crowd
 Brothers Lawhorn and Barnes
 Brother Barnes and Cortes
 The Taveres Family
 Brother Braithwait
 Brother Tolbert
 Brother Walker
 Some of our young missionaries
 Brother Moore

 Sister Gowans

 Brother Slade
 Left Brother Rafn, Right Brother Fordham
 Sister Fordham and Sister Alberts
 Brother Alberts
Sister Norris

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