Wednesday, November 20, 2013

This afternoon, we attended two graduations, one with the 73rd Ordinance Battalion and the second with the 15th Signal Battalion. We weren't sure how many graduates we had, but soon found out that we had two at the 73rd and four at the 15th. We were rather surprised at the 15th. One of the young men graduated 2 to 3 weeks ahead of what he was supposed to have. We attended the first only until we had to leave to get to the second. Here are some photos of the events.
The photo below is at the 73rd graduation held in the Hazan Hall. All the students sit in front of the hall, while the guests sit in back. 
Brother Markestein
Brother Baquera
Brothers Otwell, Yanke, Sainsbury
Brother Ellsworth

After the graduations, we went and visited 3 of our Sisters, Sister Mack, who is  making fudge; we ordered some almond joy fudge. We then visited Sister Stott and Sister Volyes. 

Our evening appointment cancelled on us so we decided to go to the Wednesday evening Book of Mormon class that the Meachams conduct. They were discussing the Book of Mosiah. 

Also, today was Sister Meacham's birthday. We all gathered at their apartment for a little ice cream and cake. 

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