Tuesday, November 19, 2013

This morning, we attended our weekly DDM with our younger full-time missionaries. The Sisters proposed that we gather the ward together for an evening to teach them, in a fun way, how to be better member missionaries. Elder Gowans proposed that we invite the members to the MMTC (Member Missionary Training Center) and have a fun evening helping members feel what it is like to attend the MTC. Then spend the evening in fun classes teaching them how to share the gospel with the final goal in mind to prepare for a special open house a few weeks later where they could invite a friend to with the idea of learning more about the Church. We will see how the ward council receives the proposal.

This afternoon Elder Gowans attended the monthly RSO meeting, he calls it the Chaplain's meeting. All the faith group leaders assemble to discuss what is going on in their particular faith group. So, we, as Latter-day Saints, give a short briefing on the successes and activities of the Fort Gordon Military Branch.

This evening, we visited a new family out in Steven's Creek. He is an emergency room doctor and will deploy sometime early in the year. He will deploy with the 101st Airborne as their on-site surgeon. We had a nice visit with them. Come to find out she is friends with our niece Becky Messina. Not only was it our first visit with them, but we also gave them our predeployment briefing as well. With the holidays coming up and she is expecting a baby in a month, we thought it best to get the briefing done now. After our visit with the Jensen family, we drove over to the Halford's and visited with Brother Halford, his wife was sick in bed. He is doing fine, but she had been having a bad day. We feel for her and pray that at some point in time, she will heal.

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