Saturday, November 23, 2013

What an enjoyable day! As most Saturdays go, we started off spending about 3 hours visiting many of our student/soldiers. We had 3 in mind that we wanted to find and meet for the first time. We found two and then met one more who had just come in who we did not have any record of coming. While waiting to meet him we were able to see and visit with each of our soldiers, save one, in that particular company; we visited with Brothers Warner, Carapezza and Otwell; we also talked with Sister Flygare. The new fellow we went to  meet, we found out was a brand new member of the church. So we were excited to invite him out and and hopefully we will be able to encourage him to keep coming. From there we went to visit another new Sister. We eventually found her and had a nice visit with her. Her name is Raquel Garcia, a very nice young lady who seemed to be genuinely happy in meeting us. We were also able to meet and visit with several other soldiers who we have not seen out to church. We probably met with 10 of our soldiers this morning.

From there we drove out to Thomson, GA to take a couple of our Sisters to lunch, Sister Turner and Sister Madsen. We hadn't seen them for quite sometime, so we thought it was about time. We just learned this evening that Sister Madsen is being transferred, so it was a good thing we did. We will miss her. One of the reasons we had decided to do it today was because President McCoy, counselor in the Mission Presidency asked us to come out to Harlem and visit with him. He wanted to see how we were doing and also wanted to know if we had any thoughts on who would be a good replacement for us; they are looking to call someone from this area who could live and work from home. We haven't got to know very many retirees. So we had a nice lunch with the Sisters and a nice visit with the McCoys.

From there we went to visit Brother Woodley who had just had his gall bladder removed and just a week before that had an operation on a couple of toes. So he is pretty well laid up. Other than that he is doing well. We also visited with the Phillips, the Rockhills and the Macks this afternoon.

This evening, after returning  home, we received a call from Elder Phillips, he wanted to know if Elder Gowans was available to go on splits with him. So they went out and visited with an investigator family, a part member family and then a young man, DJ who had had his feelings hurt to make sure he was doing well. He gave us both a big hug and seemed to be very happy that we made the effort to come out and see him.

Then to top it all off, we had the entire district over at 9 pm to listen in on the transfer telecon to see who in our district was being transferred. Time for bed!

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