Friday, November 15, 2013

This afternoon, we had the opportunity to attend Brother Holloway's graduation from his Captain's Career Course. He and his wife and the parents of 10 beautiful children with one more on the way due in March.
The children are: Joshua, Danielle, Emily, Meghan, Rachel, Lillian, Hayden, Peter, Lauren and Benjamin. They will depart for Hawaii in December. They have invited us to come stay with them sometime next year; we offered to take care of the children while mom and dad go away for a time together for a few days. With a baby due in March, it will have to be at a time when mom can leave the baby. Anyway, we look forward to that opportunity.
 Trying to get the family together for a photo
 Got them all together! 
This evening, we experienced a first, no one was able to come out to institute. Just the two of us there tonight. We ate a little of the dinner we had prepared, put the rest away, watched a short video, The John Tanner story, and then packed up and took everything home. Oh well, hopefully things will work out better next week!

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