Friday, April 25, 2014

Arrived in Gretna, NE on 24 April after having a wonderful visit with Uncle David and Aunt Connie. While there we had the opportunity to visit with Elder Gowans' cousins Keith and Clark Hepworth and also Keith's 5 children, Adrian, Cydney, David, Hannah and Alison. Beautiful young children. After arriving at Matt and Becky's we had the opportunity to renew our love and family ties with each of them. Elder Gowans ran a 5k with Josie, circling the school 9 times. We spent a fun evening together. Then on the 25th, we made Jam and then went to the drive through zoo south west of Gretna a few miles and had a fun time viewing from the car many elk, birds, deer, buffalo and then we hiked up a trail to see some wolf and bear. We had a nice evening together.

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