Wednesday, April 16, 2014

Monday morning we arose at 530am and ate a quick breakfast. We washed the bedding and finished packing everything up. We loaded the back of the car with everything. We had 5 boxes left over so we put those on top of the car. During that time the Esteps came over and they assisted us as we wrapped the boxes in plastic and tied them to our car. The young missionaries came over to say goodbye. We drove to the waffle house and had breakfast with the Esteps and Morrises. We also took pictures together. Sister Estep and Brother Morris didn't like how the boxes were tied down, so we redid that before leaving. We drove off to the comcast place and returned our internet modem. We filled up with gas and drove to Eatonton, GA and bought a dozen copies of Song of the South along with a book to read to our grandchildren. We also bought a rabbit's foot. We drove to the Georgia Macon Mission office to say goodbye to whomever was there and to visit since we had never been to the office before. We drove on to Phenix, AL. We had a nice reunion with Calvin and Blue Newsome.

On Tuesday we drove around the city and saw historical places to include the home of Dr. Pemberton - the inventor of the Coca Cola Recipe - in Columbus, GA. We drove by the cotton mills and where the old houses once stood where the cotton mills workers lived. This is where Sister Gowans' mother and siblings grew up. We drove to Newsomeville and to the Newsome Cemetery and saw a few other historical places. We also met Susan - the daughter of Calvin and Blue - and another cousin, Brenda.

This morning we drove out to Fort Benning and drove all around it. Then we drove to the church house where Grandma and Grandpa Neal met. This evening we met up again with the two cousins for dinner. Calvin took Elder Gowans on a tour of their property and Elder Gowans unintentionally and not knowing any better left the gate open which allowed the horses to escape. They had to call Donna who takes care of the horses to come and call the horses. When they heard her they all came running back to the pasture. Elder Gowans will not make that mistake again.

We have taken many pictures and will post them when we have access to a computer. Much thanks to my beloved and beautiful daughter, Rosalee, for writing this for me.

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