Saturday, April 5, 2014

This morning, we met Elder and Sister Morris at the Friendship Chapel at 0800 in order to take them to meet our AIT students. Although they arrived a little late, we were very successful in meeting a majority of them. We needed to show them the ropes on how to go into the barracks and ask for someone to go and get a soldier. We also needed to show them which barracks belonged to which companies and battalions. Crazy thing was, is that unbeknown to us, just yesterday many changes had been made E-551 had been closed down and absorbed in C-369; other companies had moved into different barracks, soldiers had been moved all around also.We spent quite a bit of time asking questions and trying to figure out all the changes. I think we got it all sorted and figured out.

During the time just mentioned the power had all gone out, over the entire Post. It was out for approximately 4 hours. That put the cabosh on watching conference at the Friendship Chapel. So, after completing the rounds, we drove back to the apartment, the Morrises invited us to lunch and so we had a nice lunch with them. We learned that the power came back on around 1 pm so after lunch we headed back up to Post.

We enjoyed the 2nd session of conference and the Priesthood session also.

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