Saturday, April 12, 2014

Saturday! Our final Temple trip with our soldiers. Our final day to see the miracles that come to pass, which enable us the ability to get soldiers off post and into our cars and take them to the temple. This morning, Elder Gowans picked up Brother Wildman at his barracks and drove him to Brother Barnes barracks to act as his battle buddy. Once we got him checked out, we then took Brother Barnes to Brother Wildman's company (he is not billeted there) so Brother Barnes could act as his battle buddy. What a crazy morning; this entire process took just under an hour before we finally received the permissions that we needed to take them off post. Supposedly all this had worked together in advance, but no one had the required permissions that were supposed to have been handed down to the desk Sargent on duty that morning. But, it is all worth it to see these young men get to the temple. Also attending was Sister Lonsberry, Brother and Sister Richards, Brother Halford and President Estep. Supposedly the Schoults were there, but we didn't see them.

 Photos of our little group at the temple.

Top left: Brothers Richards, Estep, Halford, Barnes, Wildman, Morris
Bottom Left: Sister Richards, Sister Gowans, Sister Lonsberry, Gowans

On the way home from the temple, we dropped Brother Barnes and Wildman off at the Mall to have his phone checked out. Then Elder Gowans dropped Sister Gowans off at the chapel so she could attend a baptism at the Augusta ward; Elder Gowans then returned to the mall only to find that they couldn't find the AT&T store; we did find it and we did get everything accomplished. After which, Elder Gowans took them back to post and then went and picked up Sister Gowans from the baptism. At that point, we picked up two of our Elders and took them to a BBQ at the Hicken home, whose daughter had just been baptized. From there we went to see Elder and Sister Morris and take them the area book, the map book, which contains a map to every member of the church in the stake, of which we know of. We also helped in doing some things around their trailer to help them get further settled in.

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