Sunday, April 13, 2014

The final day of our mission was just as busy as most of our other days. We attended the Augusta Ward Sacrament Meeting and enjoyed a wonderful Fast and Testimonty Meeting. We will miss this wonderful ward as well as the Grovetown Ward where we have many dear friends. Afterwards, we headed up to post to attend to our Branch responsibilities. Elder and Sister Morris instructed the Temple prep class for Brother and Sister Richards; during that time Elder Gowans went and picked up brother Simpson for an interview with President Estep. We also grabbed brother Wildman to be his battle buddy. We got Brother Simpson to his appointment, but then he had to take Brother Wildman to his Company and get him checked out. It actually works out real nice when we have a soldier not billeted in his Company barracks; we can use him as a battle buddy and no one knows the difference.

We had a wonderful Fast and Testimony meeting on Post too. We missed several of our soldier as something came up that kept them away. We missed saying goodbye to them. Unfortunately it was the two who are in the missionary prep class. After saying many goodbyes to our wonderful friends, we departed and went to the Johnson family's home to give brother Johnson a blessing prior to his surgery tomorrow. We will continue to keep in touch with many of these wonderful friends.

This evening, we went out to say goodbye to Sister Malcom too. She became a real good friend; we are so glad that we learned of her and was able to give her some company during some very lonely periods.
Here we are with sister Malcom

After returning home, the Meachams came by, then Sister Mitton, then the Elders, we had a wonderful visit with each of them. We love them all!

We did get some packing done!

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