Sunday, April 6, 2014

This morning, we got up to post early to teach two of our young men the Missionary Prep class. It will be an on going class for the next month. Hopefully, the Morrises will be able to finish it up for them. Then we took Elder and Sister Morris out to meet two of our sisters with deployed husbands, Sister Stott and Sister Malcom. We will visit Sister Swartz on Tuesday, then we will have it about wrapped up; only Sisters Sanders and Herr will be left to visit and they are here on post so it shouldn't be too difficult to get to them. We visited three families after General Conference ended this evening, the Johnsons, Powers and Olsons. Won't be too much longer and we will have run out of time, this week should see us through!
 The Barnes Avenue Friendship Chapel

 The 15th Regimental Signal Brigade Building across the street from the chapel
 Looking north up 26th Ave. from the Friendship Chapel
 Kiddie Corner from the chapel: The old E-551st company barracks undergoing renovation 

 The building behind will begin renovation soon. 
 551st Battalion HQ
 Brother Beaton

 Sister Stott and daughter Allison, daughter Taylor didn't want her photo taken
 Brothers, Barnes, Hancock, Lewis
 Brother Broussard
 Ourselves and Elder and Sister Morris out front of Friendship chapel

 Sister Abrey Lonsberry

Brother Barnes

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