Tuesday, April 22, 2014

Today was Harry Adams' 90th birthday. We celebrated by having breakfast at the waffle house. After we ate breakfast we went back to their home and looked through the ward rosters of both the Brownlee and the Bossier wards to see if there were people we remembered and to call some to go visit. We ended up calling several people but only found Sister Stallings and Sister Haley at home. Sister Stallings was home but Sister Haley was on her way to work. So we only visited Sister Stallings. We spent 3.5 hours visiting her. While there I met an old friend, Gary Shelton. He was there putting up a fence in the backyard. This evening we went out to eat at a New Orleans style restaurant called Copeland. None of us had eaten there before. We returned home and had a nice evening together.

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