Monday, April 7, 2014

This morning, we said goodbye to several people with whom we have served for many months. Sister Gowans has served the same two ladies in the Patient Advocacy office, while Elder Gowans has seen many nurses and LPNs come and go over the past two years, he said goodbye to those with whom he currently served. They were all shocked that today was his last day, no warning had been given. No hail and fairwell was desired or wanted, just a simple goodbye was fine.

Elder and Sister Morris came by the hospital to check things out to see if they wanted to continue the tradition of Red Cross service; we were able to show them around a little. Later thiis afternoon, we took them to meet Sister Dixon and her son Jack. It was good for them to get acquainted.

Last of all, this evening, we had a real good Family Home Evening. Twelve of us were there. We have enjoyed having Sister Richards, Sister Lonsberry, Brother Wolfe and Brother Hancock all there most every week. We hope they leave feeling loved and wanted.

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