Thursday, April 3, 2014

This evening, we had the opportunity to take Elder and Sister Morris to visit four families, the Jones family, the Murray family, Sister Goff and the Person family. Brother Jones is our one of our points of contact for the Grovetown ward and Brother Person is our point of contact for the Stevenscreek ward. These brethren keep us informed on military families who move in and out of their wards; that way we can keep our records up to date and keep abreast of soldiers who may be deploying. Elder Morris made connections with Brother Jones and Brother Murray finding something in common with both of these brethren. Sister Goff's husband departs with weekend and so she will appreciate the company of Sister Morris from time-to-time. This was Elder and Sister Morris' first time out visiting, we hope that they had a good experience and will now begin to understand all what is involved in the mission.

Here are some photos of our visit with the Jones and Murray families. We love these families and will miss them!
 The Jones Family: Jordon, Kade, Brother Jones, Sister Jones.

 The Murray Family: Brother Murray, Sarah, Sister Murray, Johnny, Timothy

We will miss you Sarah!

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