Monday, September 10, 2012

It is very late; just as we arrived back at our apartment, we received a text message that one of our troops had been taken to the ER. Elder Gowans returned to the Post and went to the hospital to be with this young man. For several weeks he has been suffering sharp chest pains from time-to-time. He had another episode this evening. The doctors have ruled out his heart, lungs chest cavity and so forth. It doesn't seem to be life threatening, rather it is more of an annoyance. He will return to the doctor tomorrow and now they are going to run more tests on his stomach and see if it might be stomach related.

As we were completing our service at the hospital this afternoon, Elder Gowans received a phone call from the Bishop stating that he had just learned of a young 12 year old boy who had been found dead in his room. He was the son of a woman who was not active in the church, in fact we didn't even know they were there, but with this tragedy they had made themselves known. He asked us to go to the home and see what we could do to help until he could get there. We gave the mom and her fiance blessings, sat with her, mourned with her and tried to console her. The Bishop arrived about 2 hours after we did. He took charge of the situation and so we left.

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  1. What a tragedy,my heart goes out to the family as do my prayers.