Thursday, September 13, 2012

Today we went and met a newly wed family. They have only been married a month. He had been in Afghanistan for nearly year and at his half way point, when he came back for leave, he met her at a church function. They were married shortly after he returned home for good. Anyway, we had a nice visit with them,  it does not appear that he will have any more deployments.

Afterwards we went down to a Value Price Hotel to meet with a marine and his family. They are staying there until their house is finished being constructed. They have nearly a month to wait. So they are a family of six living in a hotel size room with a kitchenette. Hopefully they will still like each other when they are finally out of there. While we were waiting in the lobby of the hotel, two men came walking in and looked at us and by the look on their face they were happy to see us. One asked if we had a copy of the Book of Mormon available. We told him that we did at the apartment. He said he had left his scriptures home; so we went back to the apartment and picked him up a copy. We had removed everything from the car since we were getting a rental and had not put anything in back in the rental. When we returned he was very happy to receive the book and was impressed with our quick service.

Also while we were in the lobby, a fellow came out who was wearing a Notre Dame shirt. Elder Gowans said, "Are you a Notre Dame fan?" He said, "Yes, how about you"? Elder Gowans told him he was a BYU man and that our two teams were playing this year. He said, "Better luck next year!" We will see what happens.

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