Tuesday, September 18, 2012

This evening we set out to Harlem, GA to visit the last family in the Harlem ward. We had a nice visit with them, unfortunately it seems that this family is losing their faith. They were polite and receptive, but we think that they have lost much of their desire to be active participants in the church. The children seemed to be unaware of the Book of Mormon and its wonderful stories. They were married in the temple 10 years ago, so you have to ask yourself, "What happened"? When Elder Gowans left them with a scriptural thought from the Book of Mormon, the mother got up and left with the pretense of feeding the baby, as soon as he was through, she returned. Hopefully, there will be something we can do for them in the future to help nurture their faith.

Afterwards, we dropped in on our friend Marshall. We have been very concerned for him; his place of work has been torturous to him. Today he worked a 15 hour day and most days are not unlike that. He has not been able to participate in any of our church functions now for a couple of weeks and he is supposed to be getting married in October. We hope that he can continue and move forward and put up with the strain of it all.

Lastly we visited a new couple in the ward. He is here for basic officer course. He will be active duty for a while and then plans on going into the reserves. They will be heading to Alaska for their duty assignment in December of all times! We had a nice visit with them and was able to pass on to them some good advise, but most of all to show them that we love them.

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