Friday, September 21, 2012

This morning and afternoon, Elder Gowans did the most difficult lawn mowing job he has ever done. He mowed the lawn of a Sister who thought she could take care of everything herself while her husband was deployed, but then ended up being hospitalized and has now been forced to ask for help. The lawn around the house was flat, but as you moved away from the house the lawn became very steep, uphill in the front and on the sides, and downhill in the back. The downhill part in the back was so overgrown the grass was in some cases 5 feet high if not taller. This overgrown grass was probably 30 feet deep moving towards the back of the yard. The side yard raised up over 3 feet in height at approximately a 70 to 80 degree incline. the front yard rose higher, however it was not quite as steep. It took him 2 1/2 hours to mow it all down. He was so saturated with perspiration that his hat dripped from the bill, his pants were soaked through at the waste, and his shirt dripped off the sleeves. He drank 4 litters of water through the process. It was incredible.

We had a real nice institute class this evening. The topic was on conversion and taken from 4th Nephi. We would encourage you to read it and learn what it really means to be converted to all aspects of the gospel and then see what the blessing are to those who are.

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