Friday, September 14, 2012

This evening got rather complicated trying to get everyone where they needed to be, including ourselves. We left early to pick up Brother Woodley from his home over in Grovetown so that we could get to the Post early so that we could go pick up the Elders and get them on post in time to meet with a soldier who wants to be baptized. Elder Gowans took the Elders to the soldiers' barracks where he dropped them off so they could visit. Then he drove back to pick up one other soldier. By the time he got back to the chapel sister Gowans had already started institute and was teaching the lesson. Our studies today was the last four chapters of 3 Nephi.

At the conclusion of Institute, Elder Gowans walked back the last soldier to be picked up, then drove back to the chapel picked up Sister Gowans and Brother Woodley, drove back to the first barracks to pick up the Elders who were supposed to be visiting with the soldier who wants to be baptized, but we couldn't find them. Finally we found them in a hangout where the soldiers go to socialize during their off duty hours. They had been teaching and talking to quite a few people as they were visiting with their primary candidate. Four soldiers committed to come to church, we will see what happens. Hopefully they will keep their commitments and come

So we took the Elders home, then Brother Woodley and then ourselves. Whew! What an evening.

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