Tuesday, September 4, 2012

This morning we attended a Zone Development meeting. All missionaries in the zone gathered at the Augusta chapel and set a new tone and standard to be used in our District Development meetings. After the meeting completed we were asked to take the Sister missionaries assigned to the Harlem ward back to their apartment. Before we left the Sisters who serve in the Martinez ward asked if they could all go to lunch together. So we, the 6 of us, all went to a nearby Chinese restaurant. We enjoyed a nice meal together and fun conversation.

After lunch, Elder Gowans left to go mow our sister's lawn. It had started to rain before he left, but it still looked sunny out in the direction he was going. When he drew near the home, he could tell that it had not yet rained there. However, there was a nearby dark cloud threatening. So he went to work and mowed the front yard first in case it decided to rain. He completed the front yard and moved to the back. About 1/3 of the way through it began to get  misty, then a few drops and then a down pour. By now he was 1/2 done. He kept on mowing and soon the rain stopped, but he was very drenched. He was able to finish the job and get home in time to get ready for dinner and their evening appointments.

This evening we went out to visit a family who we had already met, but it was during the husband's deployment. So now we were able to meet him. We had a nice visit and was able to help move some furniture out of the way of their delivery people moving in a new fridge.

Next we drove back out to Harlem. We went to visit a fellow who had been in a severe accident nearly 2 years ago and as a result was in the process of being medically retired. It could come down to a medical discharge, but he was hoping for a retirement. He had been on a motorcycle and was cut off by an on coming car. The accident caused 2 months of coma. It took a year for his brain to fully recover and for him to get back to somewhat of a normal life. The Army, however, didn't think his new normal was good enough, so out he goes.

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