Tuesday, September 11, 2012

This has been a nonstop day from sun up to sun down. This morning we headed to the hospital early for Sister Gowans' doctors appointments. She had a mammogram and some blood work drawn. From there we went back home to make our final preparations for DDM. We were asked to do some training. Sister Gowans did her training on the converting power of the Book of Mormon and Elder Gowans did his on how the atonement can be used to help people who are studying the gospel.

After our DDM we drove back to the Post for another appointment for Sister Gowans, this time to get her final shot in her knee; she says that they have helped her knee feel better. From the Post we drove up to Martinez to visit a family. We learned that her dad served a mission to Korea the same time Elder Gowans did, way back in 1973 and 1974 time frame. Elder Gowans was 1974 and 1975. So we may have met. We also learned that her brother is in our ward in Grovetown.

From there we drove south of the Post to deliver 5 copies of the Book of Mormon to the family whose 12 year old son was found dead on Sunday. Unfortunately, the mom was gone to the funeral home with her parents, but her fiance was there and so he gratefully took the books; hopefully we or the young Elders will have the opportunity to teach all of them.

This evening we visited two more families out in Martinez. The last fellow is the Battalion Commander of his unit. He will be a great resource as we try to find people who may be in his unit. 

It has been a great day, busy, but great.

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