Saturday, September 22, 2012

This morning we got up early and headed up to the Post where our AIT students live. We wanted to try and see a few before they headed off and away from the barracks. The first soldier was already gone to an all day class when we got to his company barracks, but fortunately when Elder Gowans went up there later to deliver a letter to another soldier he ran into him and was able to visit with him and invite him to come out to the church meetings and activities. During the early morning hours we ran into and met around 16 of our soldiers and some of their friends. We were able to talk to brother Potter this morning and ensure him that we would get his baptism arranged. It was supposed to have been this morning, but they couldn't get permission to leave the post. He is not worried, he knows it will happen.

This afternoon we met with one of our families whom we love very much. We talked with them about their church activity and how we can help them increase their faithfulness. They were very receptive and would like us to return often to help them and encourage them. The stake conference we attended today gave me some great ideas of how we can help them.

We attended the adult session of stake conference this evening with one of our soldiers. We were hoping to get more out, but it is Saturday and many were out and about doing other things. It was a very spiritual and enjoyable meeting.

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