Monday, September 24, 2012

This morning we did our Red Cross service, nothing unusual today. This afternoon we took the Elders bowling at the Post Bowling Alley. As you may recall they have $1.00 games, shoes, hot dogs and french fries. Can you imagine feeding 4 hungry Elders, and the two of us for $19.50? Elder Gowans had the two game overall best score of 257. He didn't get in his groove until mid way through the second game. Elder Nielson tried to mimic his stance, but no one can quite do it like Elder Gowans can.

This evening we dropped in for FHE, but had to leave early to go meet a family up in Grovetown. We had a real difficult time getting together with them, but then one day she called us and arranged the appointment. During our visit we found out that she had talked to other families in their ward who we had visited and they recommended that they get together with us. On this particular visit it was our first visit where we gave a predeployment brief to the husband and wife. The Church Military Relations Department put together a briefing for us Missionaries to use in assisting families who will be separated whether due to deployment or TDY. So we used the briefing for the first time and it worked out real well. We will be giving it a couple of more times this week. We hope to get to all the families where a spouse will be deploying soon and give them this briefing. We believe it will be very helpful.

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