Tuesday, September 25, 2012

This morning we began our new assignment... inspecting apartments of our Elders and Sisters. We do 3 and Elder and Sister Berry do 3 and then the Ripleys, who live quite a ways off inspect 1. We started at 0830 and finished up around 1000. It was not too bad. We were shocked, however, to see how one apartment was so run down. Fortunately the office is moving these Elders over by us. It will be much better for them here than there. The carpets looked like they were 30 years old and the walls and ceiling needed to be painted something terribly. The other two were in pretty good shape.

At 1100 we met with a sister who said she would advise us and help set up a women's support group for our military spouses who needs a little more support from other spouse in dealing with military life. It will be for all, but will emphasize the need to help deployed and separated families.

This afternoon Brother Estep and I found a portable baptismal font at the Friendship chapel. We will be able to use it when we have an AIT student who desires baptism. That will save us from having to coordinate or work rides for all the AIT students to the Augusta chapel. It is a big headache and usually doesn't work out.

This evening we visited a single sister who will deploy sometime in the next 3 to 4 months. Although not active in the church she was very friendly and warm to us.

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