Saturday, September 8, 2012

This morning we picked up 3 of our servicemen and met several others at the Friendship chapel on Post and then headed for the South Carolina Columbia Temple. One of the servicemen, a sister, who has only been a member for a couple of months, was able to do 12 baptisms and confirmations for the dead. She was very excited as this was her first time in the temple. In the temple Elder Gowans was able to perform the ordinances while she stood in as proxy for 10 women so they could be confirmed members of the church and receive the Holy Ghost. Then we went into the baptismal font and Elder Gowans baptized her for 10 women who had died many decades ago. After we finished we went outside so they could walk around the temple and take pictures. As we were coming back into the temple to join the remainder of the group one of the temple workers asked this young lady if she would mind doing 2 more baptisms for a lady who had brought the names of two of her family members who had passed away sometime ago. She went in and changed and Elder Gowans went in and changed; so he baptized and confirmed her two more times for the two deceased women this lady had brought in to have the work done for. It was a very good experience for both of us. Apparently this lady who brought the names of her deceased relatives in was going to do all the work for them that afternoon, but she couldn't do the baptisms herself do to some issue involving getting into the water.

This afternoon we prepared for Saints At War event on Sunday evening. We were asked to present a small portion of the program.

 The Columbia South Carolina Temple

 Sister Gowans and Sister Sousa
 The Allreds

 Elder Gowans
 Sister Sousa

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