Saturday, October 27, 2012

As we have mentioned before, good things happen when we are out. We spent the entire morning looking for new soldiers out on post. We have now met every LDS soldier that we are aware of who is in AIT except one young lady, and we now know where she lives. She just happened to be in remedial PT. One young man who we had been looking for had not been returning our calls or text messages because of a very upsetting tragedy back home. If he had just been coming out to church, we could have helped him through this ordeal. We think that now he realizes this. Hopefully he will come out tomorrow, partake of the sacrament, and have his spirit buoyed up.

We had a real nice baptism this afternoon. The Garcia family, whom the Elders have been teaching, are a family of 6. The children were baptized, but the parents have to wait a little longer. Everyone was excited and happy for this lovely family.

We met with the Fordham family this evening to give them a predeployment brief. They are a great couple, we will miss having him around.

Here are some photos from yesterday's excursion to the Thomas Woodrow Wilson Boyhood home, here in Augusta.

The front of the  home
 The entry way
 Living room
 Original chairs from the home
 Original dining room table
 Notice the ornate knobs

 The study
 President Wilson, as a boy, would turn the chair over, sit on the floor, put his back against the chair and read.

 Our tour guide
 Childhood toys

 Indoor plumbing

 Sister Gowans in the middle

 Our new friend, Aimee Anthony. She married one of our soldier two weeks ago.

 The kitchen
 Bedrooms over the kitchen
 The stairs!

 The kitchen for outside
 The carriage house
The garden

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