Monday, October 1, 2012

This morning we did our typical Red Cross service. While Sister Gowans was doing her comments input into the computer, the computers went down, so she went up to the 6th floor to join Elder Gowans. He showed her how to do the job there, but she never had to wheel any patients out to the parking lot.

After returning home, Elder Gowans went to the Edmundson's home and mowed their lawn, so sister Edmundson wouldn't have to.

We had a nice FHE this evening. Elder Gowans presented their rock lesson to see if the participants had any suggestions on how to improve it. What is the rock lesson you ask? We place a large stone in the center of everyone being taught and show a photo of Michael Angelo's King David. We tell them the Michael Angelo carved King David out of one large stone. He did so by chiseling away everything that was not King David. Then we ask them to imagine themselves in the stone and ask them what would have to be chiseled away to find their perfect selves in the stone. So everything that has to be chiseled away would be all their imperfections, weaknesses and so forth. So that is the rock lesson.

The following photos are from our Baptism on Sunday.
 The font! We had to be creative to utilize the font for a proper baptism where both the candidate and the one performing the baptism could stand in the font together. They both stood at the far end and then Brother Potter had to sit and then lay back in order to be completely submerged.
 It says, "In Remembrance of Me".
 Elder Gowans walking Brother Potter back to the barracks.
Elder Yeakley, Brother Potter and Elder Nielson

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